Life of a hero By Buzeta

Once upon a time, there was a little kid called Johnny, He was at the park playing Soccer alone because he had no friends, but he met a girl that was getting bullied by thugs(i mean bullies(kids)), so as heroic as ever he went to save her, but he got wasted and both kids got hurt, Days later the kid was celebrating his birthday, But no one went because he had no friends, If someone could at least knock that door the kid would stop crying, “Knock Knock”, the door was opened by the little kid, and what a suprise!, it was that cute girl he just save days ago, the kid happily let her in, and the girl steped in, the two happy childs went to play videogames the rest of the night, they grew together and finally formed a couple when they were teens, they were inseparable no one could interfiere in that relationship, With the pass of the days they decided to get married so they did, and got a dog for home, it was the best dog, it was called bronco, it was faithfully and no dog could match that loyalty bronco had, they were happier as ever, Unless one of the couple dies the pair would broke, but one day the dog died, died form a roadkill, It was time to say goodbye to that doggy, it was more than just a dog, but sadness filled those two hearts that were pumping inside those bodys, If they stay sad forever, they would suffer forever, so it was time to go on with their lives as a couple, because its normal that things like this happe, So they decided to have a baby.

9 Months later at the hospital

Johnny was happy that her wife was finnaly to get a baby, but the baby died in the delivery, the couple didnt wanted to have a baby again, so they adopted one orphan child,  they called him Jimmy, 3 years later the wife started to get dizzy and weak, so Johnny instanly brought her to the clinic, But bad news were told, Cancer was diagnosed, Medicine was needed for the treatment so they started buying it, but they hadn´t enough money to keep getting the medecine, and the hopes started to decrease. One day Johnny went to a bar to forget about the misery that was going on with his life, but a man encounters him and asks him if he wants to join the Military, they pay well, If he wanted to cure his wife, efforts were needed. So Johnny accepted the invitation, Months later of full training  it was time to step on the Airplane and go to the fields to demostrate what they have been training for!.

Hours later…

Johnny and his crew hop of the plane, and start running on the fields, they could get shot on the head in any moment but the hopes of returning to see wife and lil´Jimmy never disapeared, The battle started to get intense and johnnys teammates were starting to get taken down one by one, till the defenseless man was alone, Only him versus a hole army, If Johnny surrenders he would be caught as a Slave and be in prison for the rest of his life, and he used his last seconds to remember, his childhood and when he saved that beautiful little girl!, The motivation and hopes fill johnnys body and gets the same heroic feeling he had when he tryed to save that girl!, and the soldier stands up and shouts!

-im sorry miranda, its not always win!

The soldier trys to take down as much enemies as he can, but he gets shot on the head and dies.


If my dad would be here all would be much better, right mom? he was a hero!

MOM: -You´re wrong Jimmy, he IS our hero, he is still saving people, more people!.

Jimmy: – What if he is in heaven now. do you think im going be like him when i grow up!?





Criminal and Crime

Crime: Our crime was invented, Bonnie and Clyde were captured for intervening the Texas Platte City Bank(invented),This was a heist where they didn’t killed people only police officers because people liked to watch how they were intervening the bank, but the plan didn’t go how Bonnie planned(In this case bonnie was an Architect and knew that bank very well, and Clyde IS a mastergunner), Bonnie and Clyde with the gang try to escape in their van(invented too), but Bonnie and Clyde get Caught and henry try´s to escape but he gets caught too, bonnie and clyde get arrested and interrogated. Henry gets hanged that same morning. Then Bonnie and Clyde escape and the ring starts while the chasing, and Clyde receive the first bullet and crashes.

Criminals: Bonnie and Clyde

Clyde Barrow: is the master gunner and leader of the clan, its a murderer and THIEF, he was born in to a poor Telico, Texas. Clyde began a crime life at an early age. in 1930 he met Bonnie Parker,His Wife, Clyde with bonnie were Killed in a police ambush near Gibsland,Louisiana on May 23, 1934.

Bonnie Parker: Clyde Wife, She was born on october 1, 1910. Her father was a Bricklayer When he died in 1914, Bonnie`s mother named Emma Parker moved her along with her older brother Hubert and her little sister Billie , to a new community on West Dallas, Cement City.bonnie-and-clyde-with-gun


Detective: Hello, I’m here to make you some questions, in another word a lot of questions, so if you are in a hurry I think you’re screwed.

Bonnie: Where are we?.

Clyde: Why are we here?.

Detective: I make the questions, okay, now were’s the money?

Bonnie: What money?

Detective: Don’t make me ask you twice. Were’s the money?

Bonnie: (Insists) What money?

Detective: (Give up) Where have you been last night?

Bonnie: To a friend’s house.

Detective: To a friend’s house? who’s house?

Clyde: Henrry’s

Detective: Henrry’s house (The detective Chek’s some files) here I have Henrry’s files. Murder, lived in Texas and his 45 year old victim Hamilton. Anyway is it him.

Bonnie and Clyde: Yes

Detective: Yes?, got him traked last week pretty of a runner, until I shot his legs off.

Bonnie: Is he all right?

Detective: Yes he is ( Thinks) I mean no, I think is geting hanged like right now.

Bonnie: (Gets angry) What?

Clyde: (Stop’s Bonnie) Calm your self Bonnie.

(The detective irritates Bonnie, and Bonnie attacks the detective, but the detective throws Bonnie to the grown and gets unconscious)

Clyde: That was necessary?

Detective: Yes, it was (cleaning all the mess) lets proceed, why were you going to Henrry’s house?

Clyde: To a BBQ

( It was at this moment when Hammer started getting angry)

Detective: (Angry) What! to eat money, we investigate the whole house, and do you know what we found?

Clyde: Meat?

Detective:No!!, tons of money hidden in the walls, and what a coincidence, the same amount of money stolen                    last week in Texas, Platte City. What do you think about that, you think I’m stupid?

Clyde: Yes, you know why detective, Bonnie now!.

(Bonnie wakes up and grabs the detective so that he can’t escape)

Clyde: Let me tell you a story detective.

Detective: You will regret this Clyde!.

( Clyde throws the desk on the detective)

Clyde: Look ,with the money in Texas that we stashed on Henrry’s house, we knew we were going to get interrogated, so we are going to escape from here know, and with the money me and (Pushes the desk again )    and Bonnie we are going to Mexico to live our lives, right Bonnie?

Bonnie: Yes.

(The detective escapes  and chases Bonnie and Clyde in awesome slow motion)

( You can hear sounds of the car chase and the gunfire) 

A Bloody Diary of a Vampire


Im on the third day of hunting process this has been dificult, i think i being searched…

The police and exorsists are on my way, being a vampire its difficult, its hard work, i never wanted to be one, but i gotta drink to leave,My life its ending.. with all the things that have happened….. I killed my family, I Lost my GirlFriend… i wish all this have never happened, but its all done now… the police is knocking the doors, the hunters are holding their blades, the villagers burning garlic, im feeling weak. cant defend my self… only my own blood is left, Im already hearing the priests praying… my ears are bleeding, I think this is the end of my life, the small life of a 15 year old teenager, Theres no more blood to suck, its ironc to Be a bloodsucking Monster, and dont have any red liquid to injest. The very Sad life and end of a Monster, This is People Call karma.


Cronus or Kronos was in Greek mythology the leader of the generation of Titans he was the youngest too. He overthrew his father and the Mythological Golden Age was ruled by him. Then he was overthrown by his son Zeus and was imprisoned on Tartarus

Cronus was usually depicted with a Sickle which was the instrument he used to castrate and depose Uranus, his father.

In Athens, on the twelfth day of the Attic month of Hekatombaion, a festival called Kronia was held in honour of Cronus to celebrate the harvest,for his result of his association with the virtuous Golden Age,
Cronus was identified with the Roman Deity Saturn in the classical antiquity

Letter to my Friend, Gray.

La casa del Alfajor,CHILE


White House,Washington

Yo Gray!

How is it going on your vacation to the U S A,i wanted to know if i can borrow your ps4 that you left on your house, someone needs to use it, or it will fill of dust. How have you been, i heard you broke your leg, saaddd.. well school has been difficult because 8th grade its full of tests and stuff, pretty annoying if you know what im saying,I’ve been practicing golf know what im saying, like know im pro at golf know what saying?. its like awesome to play golf man and to get gold stuff and medals and more stuff. you know what im saying?. i have been with my family , now its more united.

Well how have you been in your country, something different? , something interesting?

we should meet again, like in your country, you know what im saying?.

PS: I ALREADY STOLE YOUR PS4 , you know what im saying